5 At Home Cardio Workout for Beginners

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The following exercises are some fat-burning cardio workouts for beginners that can be done in the comforts of your home.

They are designed to get your heart pumping with the goal of getting you to burn as many calories as possible.

These bodyweight exercises require no equipment or gym so it eliminates any potential barriers you might have.

Let’s get into these exercises so you can get your weight loss on….


1. Speed Skater

Speed skaters are a nice switch up for a cardio exercise because it requires you to shift your weight from side to side.

This requires you to continue short bursts of explosiveness from one leg to the other which serves as a great way to tone your legs and glutes.

How to: Begin in a curtsy lunge position with your left leg diagonally behind you. Now bend your left arm and straighten your right arm while exploding off your right leg until you are in the same position with the left leg in front. Keep alternating sides.


2. Plank Ski Hops

Plank ski hops essentially act as a full bodyweight exercise that heavily targets the abdominal muscles.

It will help to increase core strength and stability while also building endurance in your arms and legs.

How to: Get into a plank position and bring your legs together. From here jump your feet to the left while rotating your knee outside your left elbow all in one motion. Make sure your legs stay together during the entire movement, alternate sides back and forth.


3. Rotational Jacks

Rotational jacks will get your blood pumping because it combines multiple movements like jumping, body twists, and squats.

You’ll know you’re doing the movement properly when you feel your legs, core, and lower backburning throughout the exercise.

How to: Jump into a squat position while simultaneously twisting your waist. Your right hand should be facing straight up and your left straight down, keep alternating them as you rotate.


4. Inchworm Crawl

An exercise that uses endurance as a form of intensity is the inchworm crawl.

This exercises a level of intensity increases as you continue the reps because it works your arms and abdominals constantly throughout the movement.

The inchworm crawl helps to strengthen muscles of the anterior chain while simultaneously stretching your posterior chain.

How to: Standing up straight, contract your core, and bend at your hips. From here reach your arms out to the floor and start crawling with your arms until your legs are straight. Then slowly maneuver your arms back until you are in your original position.


5. Standing Oblique Crunches

This is a great option for older audiences because it is low impact which means it applies very little pressure on your joints.

You will feel your oblique muscles working as well as your legs and hip joints, making it a great exercise for hip strength.

How to: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on the back of your head with your elbows pointing outwards. Bend down to the left while lifting your left leg. Try to make your left elbow make contact with your left leg, then alternate sides back and forth.

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