5 Yoga poses for Stiff Neck and Shoulders

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Your neck and shoulders tend to be one of the stiffest parts of your body because of the way we live and work in society.

We are constantly looking down at our devices, whether it is our phone, laptop, or iPad.

A stiff neck can not only be uncomfortable but can also lead to various issues like headaches or pain and discomfort.

Your shoulders also often get neglected which can hinder your ability to grab things and can cause pain as well.

This is why we took the time today to bring you 5 yoga poses that help relieves stiff neck and shoulders.


1. Neck Rolls

Perhaps one of the easiest and most well-known poses to relieve neck stiffness would be the neck roll.

This pose provides an easy stretch on your neck without any real pressure being placed on it. Just simply adjust to your liking based on how you are feeling the stretch.

How to: Sit up straight and relax your shoulders, now simply roll your neck all the way to one shoulder until your head touches it. You can use your hands to assist in the movement, make sure to keep the opposite shoulder as down as possible.


2. Cat & Cow Pose

Cat and cow pose is one of the premiere beginner-level yoga poses that almost everyone enjoys.

The reason being is because of the exceptional stretch it provides for your back and neck muscles.

It is also an effortless pose to implement, and almost anyone who doesn’t have back or neck injuries can do it.

How to: Start on all fours with your back arched and try to look up toward the ceiling. After that, slowly round your shoulders and back and try to touch your chest with your chin. Perform this back and forth to your liking.


3. Standing forward Bend Pose

The standing forward bend pose is one of the most popular beginner-level yoga poses that you’ll see in a lot of variations of yoga.

It is known for having the ability to correct rounded shoulders and help relieve neck tension.

It has a number of other benefits as well that include relieving insomnia, headaches, and reducing menopause symptoms.

How to: Stand up straight with your feet facing straight ahead of you. From here, tuck your chin to your chest and lower your upper body downwards as far as you can or until your hands touch your feet. Make sure to come back up slowly while practicing proper breathing to avoid dizziness.


4. Sphinx Pose

The sphinx pose is great for stretching out your back but can be equally satisfying for your shoulders.

How to: Lie on your stomach with your hands facing down. From here, lift your torso as high as you can while keeping your shoulders at a 45% angle. Make sure to keep your legs straight and on the floor at all times.


5. Cross Body Shoulder Stretch

One of my personal favorites to relieve shoulder pain and for good reason.

The crossbody shoulder stretch can be performed anywhere and provides great relief for your shoulders.

Adding really deep breathes helps to further stretch the shoulder muscles so it’s important to pay attention to your breathing when performing this stretch to maximize your results.

How to: Start in an upright position and slowly place one arm straight across your chest. Use your other arm to pull the stretched shoulder to your liking. Hold that position and take deep breaths multiple times before switching sides.


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