7 Effective Home Exercises for Weight Loss That Don’t Require Equipment

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For many people, going to the gym can be both intimidating and time-consuming.

Not to mention the current state of the World with the coronavirus outbreak, going to the gym simply isn’t a good idea right now nor is it open for many of us.

With that said, we must continue to strive forward and adjust to the situation at hand.

I’m going to show you 8 effective exercises that you can perform in the safety of your home that will guarantee you break a sweat and progress forward despite the closing of gyms.

Let’s check them out…


1. Burpees

If you’re a frequent viewer on our website you know that we heavily promote burpees as one of the most brutally yet effective bodyweight exercises you can perform.

Burpees work various muscle groups in your body simultaneously which will leave your whole body feeling fatigued and sore.

As a result of all the muscles being worked, burpees are a calorie-burning machine that will jumpstart your metabolism which translates to even more calories being burned at rest.

This means that your body will be burning more calories than usual hours after your workout is done.

If you’ve been ordered to stay inside as a result of the coronavirus then this would benefit you greatly by replacing the calories you’d usually burn when walking, running, or jogging.

How to: Place your feet shoulder-width apart. From here, lower into your hips until you are in a squat. Now place your hands out ahead of you on the floor and push your feet back and straighten your body until your in a plank position. Complete a pushup and then kick your feet back to the sides of your arms before exploding through your legs and jumping with the goal of reaching the ceiling. 

2. Pulse Squat

Pulse squats are traditional squats big brother!

This is a variation of the squat that involves you sinking down into your hips and then exploding about 50% of the way from a lockout.

Because you are not locking out, you place constant tension on your legs which means your leg muscles have no time to rest until the set is complete.

As a result, you can get an effective leg exercise without even needing the use of weights.

Pulse squats target all the major muscles in your legs and glutes for an overall lower body workout.

Other benefits of pulse squats include increased circulation, calorie-burning, and training for endurance and agility.


How to: Stand up straight with your feet parallel to your shoulders and your arms out in front of you. Descend down into a squat and then explode up halfway before descending back down. Repeat this movement in rapid succession for the desired amount of reps. Your knees should never lockout until the end of the set. 

3. Push-ups

Perhaps the most famous bodyweight exercise out there is the push-up.

It has been known to help many people build and tone their muscles,  especially in the chest.

Push-ups primarily work the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders.

Another great benefit to pushups is that they are both beginner and advanced friendly.

Beginners can start with their knees on the ground as they do the movement.

Advanced levels can do superman pushups which makes it versatile for anyone.


How to: Get on all fours and keep your arms slightly wider than your shoulders, make sure they are parallel to each other. From here you want to descend down, bending at the elbow joint. Once you reach close to the ground push back up through your chest and arms and lockout before repeating the motion. Make sure to keep your back and butt flat and leveled, neither should be moving up throughout the movement. 

4. Wall Sits

Wall sits are an exercise that is used in the military as a means of training soldiers both physically as well as mentally.

The main purpose of this exercise is not to increase muscle mass, but to increase muscular endurance.

It will burn a ton of calories as a result. The best part is you can do this while watching TV or another form of entertainment as a way to distract yourself from the pain.

How to: Stand up straight with your back firmly against the wall and your feet shoulder-width apart. Your feet should be about 2-3 feet away from the wall. From here descend down the wall until your legs are in a 90-degree angle. Make sure your knees are parallel with your ankles and are not ahead of them because this can add a lot of pressure on your knees. Contract your abs and maintain this position for as long as possible.

5. Jump Squats

Another variation of the traditional squat makes this list.

Jump squats help to tone and build your legs and glutes overall.

As a result of the jumping motion after every rep, jump squats burn a considerable amount of calories and also get your heart rate going.

They also help you build on mobility and balance.

How to: Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Bend at the knees and descend into a squat and then explode up with the goal of jumping as high as possible. Make an effort to land as softly as possible to develop control and improve the mind-muscle connection.

6. Crunches

Crunches are a popular ab exercise that most of us are aware of but more than likely avoid.

It involves the entire abs, but primarily it works the rectus abdominis muscle and also works the obliques.

Tightening and building your core can help to relieve back pain by improving imbalances around that area.

Proceed with caution however, it can place a significant amount of stress on your back and neck which may not be suitable for everyone.

How to: Lie down on the floor with your legs slightly bent hip-width apart. Place your arms behind your neck to prevent swinging. Contract your core and lift your torso up to crunch your abs together. Slowly descend back down before immediately repeating the movement again. 

7. Jump Lunges

Similar to the other exercises on this list, jump lunges are a great bodyweight exercise that burns a ton of calories.

What makes jump lunges so effective is the fact that they’re a plyometric exercise meaning they exert maximum force in short intervals of time which not only challenges the quads, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, and calves but also recruits your cardiovascular system.

Jumping lunges have a similar effect on your metabolism as burpees do by speeding it up, resulting in more calories being burnt while at rest.

How to: Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Take one leg and jump forward while pushing the other to the back and land into a lunge. Both your knees should be at a 90-degree angle. Make sure your knees are not extended over your ankle to avoid putting added pressure on them. From here jump up and alternate legs midair to land into a lunge again with the other leg leading this time. Make sure to keep your chest up and back straight and focus on just working your legs. 

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