A Proven Workout Plan to Running for Weight Loss

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Running is a sure-fire effective plan to lose weight. Although most would admit it can be challenging to maintain long term, once one partakes in it they tend to experience what’s called “Runners High” which can influence you to do it more.

This term explains the flood of endorphins your body exerts when you’re performing aerobic exercises.

This endorphin rush decreases cortisol levels which reduce stress as well as decrease one’s ability to feel pain.

Essentially this gives you the feeling that you are unstoppable at that moment which can feel empowering and motivating.

The feeling of “Runners high” can be very addicting and can cause people to actually enjoy training after they’ve adjusted to it.

To improve your experience with running for weight loss, here are some plans of attack that you can implement to get more out of your workouts.


1. Don’t Overexert Yourself

Running can be extremely taxing on your body, especially if you’re new to it.

It can take time for your body to become adjusted to increased expenditure so it’s important to be cautious and self-aware of your own body.

One way you can do this is by simply increasing the distance over time as opposed to the intensity of the run.

If you’re running for 15 minutes a day and you want to challenge yourself more than increasing it to 20 minutes would suffice without overly taxing your body.

Make sure not to make a huge leap like going from 15 minutes a day to 45 minutes as this can lead to fatigue and burnout which will only cause you to lose consistency.

Try to be smart and realistic about how you go about adding distance by working at a gradual pace.


2. Run in a Fasted State

This is a plan that I would recommend for those who are more experienced with running because it requires you to train on an empty stomach.

Doing so means you will directly be burning calories without the body getting it from the nutrients you ate that day.

The lack of energy intake will result in an increase in intensity which can be a great way for advanced runners to push themselves to new levels.


3. Add Weighted Vests

Another plan I would only prescribe to advanced runners would be weighted vests.

It’s challenging enough as it is to run with the resistance of your own body let alone added weight on you.

This directly increases energy expenditure which will result in more calories burned per session.

I do warn however that this is extremely taxing on the body and should be introduced gradually. Start with once a week and then slowly work your way up.


4. Add Bodyweight Exercises

Adding bodyweight exercises throughout your runs will bring a different method of training to your runs.

This can improve blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity which not only contributes to weight gain but overall health as well.


5. Perform Circuits

If your weight loss plan is to run for 20 minutes a day than you can try doing sets of intensity followed by jogging or walking.

For example, you can jog for 4 minutes and then do one minute of all-out sprinting in repeated circuits until you reach the 20-minute mark.

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