How to Use Yoga for Weight Loss

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Whenever the word yoga comes to mind, most people would associate it with a relaxing form of exercise.

And while that is true for the most part, there are specific forms of yoga that are more intense and can mimic the same benefits you’d get from doing a full cardio workout.

Certain styles like power yoga, ashtanga, and vinyasa are more intense forms of yoga that will help you break a sweat.

Often times, many will elect to take intense level yoga classes while in a hot yoga environment to lose even more calories.

Combining the two forms of yoga makes for a great workout that provides an abundance of benefits, especially for weight loss purposes.

Yoga Can Relieve You of Stress

One of the big contributions to weight gain is stress, when our bodies are stressed we release the hormone cortisol.

Cortisol, if released in abundance, can wreak havoc on your body in various ways that include increased blood pressure, insulin resistance, fatigue, and an increase in appetite.

This increase in appetite could potentially promote weight gain as seen in various studies.

Yoga is a great way to reduce stress in the body and prevent the chronic release of cortisol which is another reason why it is a sufficient form of exercise for weight loss.

The more you reduce your stress the more likely you are to lose weight and avoid stress eating.

Yoga is a Low Impact Form of Training

The beauty of yoga is that it is suitable for people of all ages and different fitness backgrounds because it can be easily adjusted for the individual.

On top of that, yoga is considered a low-impact form of training which means that it doesn’t place a lot of pressure on your joints.

This allows you to be able to train 5-6x a week and not have to worry about pain in the future which is always a plus, especially for recovery purposes.


How to Get the Most out of Your Workout

First and foremost, it’s important to attack every workout with the right mindset.

If you are serious about meeting your weight loss goals you have to be willing to push yourself past the mental barriers that might be plaguing you.

Make sure not to just workout to pass the time and say that you’ve worked out.

Do your very best to demand the most out of yourself every day, even on the days when you might not perform as well.

Another tip to increase the intensity and burn more calories while performing yoga would be to increase the rhythm of your workouts.

Moving from pose to pose with more rapid speed will be more demanding and as a result, you’ll break a sweat faster.

Lastly, and most importantly, it is absolutely vital to eat properly while trying to lose weight.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work out, if you are not eating healthy and putting yourself in a caloric deficit, the result will not show.

This same rule applies to any weight loss routine, you are what you eat so make sure to stay disciplined and watch the pounds fly off.

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