Intense 20 Minute Fat Burning Hiit Home Workout

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High-Intensity Interval Training is one of the most efficient methods of training to burn fat right off your body.

It involves short but intense exercises that require you to use your whole body while doing explosive movements.

These kinds of exercises will without a doubt get your heart pumping and leave you with a drenched T-shirt, and the best part is….you can do it in the comforts of your home.

The following exercises are to be repeated one after the other with no break until all ten are completed.

This means you must do all ten, for 30 seconds each before you can take a two-minute break.

If you’re up for the challenge, let’s check out these exercises…

1. Crab Toe Touch- 30 seconds (4x)

The main benefit provided for doing this exercise is the same as all the exercises we’re going to go over in this article and that is weight loss.

The crab toe touch will help to improve your agility as well as your hand-eye coordination. If you are in sports or are just looking to remain athletic, this is a great exercise to do so.

It will also help strengthen your core and encourage your metabolism to speed up which results in more calories burned at rest.


How to: Sit on the floor with your legs straight. Place your hands behind you for leverage with your fingers pointing away from you. Bend your knees and lift one leg while simultaneously lifting your butt and reaching for your leg with the opposite hand. Your leg should be straight by the time your hand reaches it, alternate sides, and repeat the movement. 

2. Burpees– 30 seconds (4x)

There’s no way I can promote an effective HIIT workout for weight loss without including Burpees in the routine.

They without a doubt will help to accelerate your metabolism which should be a priority if you’re looking to lose weight.

How to: Standing up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, perform a squat. When you reach the bottom of the squat place your hands on the floor in front of you and kick your feet back into a plank position. Once you’re in a plank, shoot your legs back out next to your hands almost mimicking a frog position. From here you will then explode through your legs and jump as high as you can with your arms high above your head. Try to imagine yourself trying to touch the sky.

3. Curtsy Lunge– 30 seconds (4x)

Curtsy lunges not only help burn fat, but they also target your leg and glute muscles to promote muscle growth.

This exercise can also help improve posture over time by strengthening your back muscles while also improving the stability of your hips.


How to: Start with your feet parallel with your shoulders. take your left foot and place it behind you diagonally, from here lower your body until your left knee is almost touching the ground. A good way to measure if your leg back enough is to check the opposite leg on your way down. If the knee of your right leg is over the right foot than you haven’t moved the left leg back enough. Be careful as this can cause more pressure to be placed on your knees. Your front legs knee should never go over the foot when you descend.

4. Side Kick Through– 30 seconds (4x)

Side Kick throughs target your obliques with the twisting motion that you perform back and forth.

It’ll also help to tone your back and leg muscles simultaneously while helping you burn tons of calories.

How to: Your starting position will be on all fours almost mimicking a plank position. From here you will take your left leg and kick it out from underneath you to the opposite side of your body. Your right hand should simultaneously lift off the floor to meet your left foot. Tap it and return to the starting position and then alternate sides back and forth. Be sure to keep your back and butt straight making it as strict a movement as possible.

5. Jump Squats– 30 seconds (4x)

Jump squats are a strictly explosive movement that will improve your agility while also being a fun and effective exercise for weight loss.

You will start to see improvements in your balance and mobility the more you train using this exercise.

Make it a goal to launch as high as you can but land gracefully, try to limit the noise you make on your landing to build control.


How to: Standing shoulder-width apart, lower into a squat stance. From here jump up explosively with your hands above your head with the goal of touching the ceiling. Try your best to control the movement by landing softly on the ground, repeat this movement with a smooth transition from jumping to a squat repeatedly In succession.

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6. High Knee Skips– 30 seconds (4x)

High knees help to improve your cardiovascular system, have the potential to improve your speed, agility and even flexibility.

They can also help strengthen your knees which tend to cause a lot of people pain, myself included.

How to: Start the movement standing shoulder-width apart. From here you will bring your right leg up and bring your knee to your chest. Lower is back down and repeat the movement with your left leg, continue this in rapid succession. Your arms should be moving as if you are running in place. 

7. V-ups– 30 seconds (4x)

V-ups are a great exercise for toning and building up your core muscles.

They greatly target your lower abs which can be hard to stimulate. V-ups also help to strengthen your hip flexors which can relieve hip pain.

How to: Your starting position begins with you lying on the floor. From here you will bend your knees slightly and elevate them to a 45-degree angle. Your arms should be straight as your torso raises up simultaneously with your lower body in a 45-degree angle thereby mimicking a V shape. Once you have touched your feet, descend back into the starting position before repeating the movement.

8. Skater Hop– 30 seconds (4x)

Skater hops require you to use your legs to explode laterally which will increase leg strength and agility.

You should feel your adductors of the hip joints strengthening the more you continue this exercise.

How to: Starting with your feet shoulder-width apart, take one leg and bend it behind the other at a slight angle. Make sure to maintain balance on the supporting leg. From here you will swing your arms to the opposite side and leap over, shifting your weight on the supporting leg once you land (the leg that was behind). When you land you should be making an effort to land on the balls of your foot as softly as possible, this shows that you are in control of the movement. Alternate sides and repeat in rapid succession. 

9. Plank Jacks– 30 seconds (4x)

The plank jack primarily targets your abs and helps to increase core strength and stability.

Make sure to breathe during the movement while making an effort to keep your core tight.

How to: Get on all fours into a plank position, from here you will jump your legs out laterally as far as you can and then place them back together. Make sure you make an effort to keep your back and glutes straight, mimicking a tabletop during the entirety of the movement to really work your core.

10. Jumping Lunges

Jumping lunges are a grueling leg exercise that will speed up your metabolism, promote muscle growth, and tone and tighten your lower body.

Make sure to maintain control throughout the movement, stabilize yourself and limit how hard you land off the jump.

How to: Start by standing shoulder-width apart. From here you will jump and take your right leg forward while simultaneously placing your left leg back and descend into a lunge. Then you will jump and switch legs mid-air to eventually land into a lunge position with the left foot in front. Repeat this in rapid succession.

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