The Most Effective Ab Day Exercises: Beginner Edition

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They say having ripped abs is just as rare as being a millionaire. Luckily for you, I’m going to teach you the exercises you need to perform to get your abs popping out.

These specific exercises will be geared towards beginners who haven’t been training abs for a long period of time. However, that doesn’t mean that they are going to be a walk in the park.

Getting abs takes real dedication both inside and outside the gym. If you are serious about getting them its best to prepare yourself now to be extremely disciplined.

The reason being is no matter how hard you train in the gym; your abs will not show if you’re not properly dieting, I repeat WILL NOT. It’s unfortunate but the saying your abs are made in the kitchen holds true to everyone.

But don’t worry, my job is to help you guys reach your goals so when it comes to dieting I am going to put you on to the best and tastiest options that will still allow you to get the abs you want.

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That article should help ease those cravings for pizza, chips, and all the temptations in between.

It’s important to keep yourself accountable because the progress you make from implementing these exercises I’m about to show you will not be visible until the layer of fat over them disappears.

This is only possible with a good diet, that’s why I’m stressing the issue here.

Before I get to the best exercises when first starting your ab training, first scroll down to the bottom of this article and subscribe to my blog to get my Two-Week Fat Loss Guide for FREE.

It will help hold you accountable and will also reveal some fat burning workout plans that should help you get your abs showing. Alright, now that we got all of that out the way, let’s get to the fun part…

1. Flat Bench Lying Leg Raise

lying leg raises The beauty of this exercise lies in the part of the abs isolated.

As you continue on your journey to getting six-pack abs you’ll soon come to realize the most daunting task will be getting your lower abs to show.

This is so for multiple reasons…. The lower abs are usually being covered by a layer of fat.

Most of the time your lower belly fat is the last to go which means it will be a while before your lower abs show.

Secondly, a lot of exercises that supposedly work the lower abs will actually target the hip flexors more, which isn’t a bad thing, however that’s not what our goal is.

The lying leg raise on a flat bench is the best variation of this exercise but it can also be performed on a yoga mat as well.

How to: Lie down with your back on the floor and your legs lying straight. From here, place your hands on the floor under your hips. Now keep your legs straight and slowly raise both legs to the ceiling. Once you get to about 90-degrees lift your hips up slightly off the floor in an effort to further contract your lower abs. Slowly lower your legs back down to the ground before starting again.


2. Dead Bug

dead bug The dead bug serves a variety of benefits for you. It is a safe and effective way to strengthen and stabilize your core and back muscles.

The dead bug will also improve your posture as it works the entire abdominal, from the upper to lower abs.

How to: Lie down on the floor with your legs bent and feet flat on the floor. From here, contract your abs, take one knee and bring it towards your chest until its parallel with your hips. While doing this, take your opposite hand and reach for your knee while keeping your arm straight. Focus on crunching your abs together. Slowly lower your arm and leg back down and replicate this on the opposite side.

3. Dumbbell Side Bend

dumbbell bend over The dumbbell side bends are a great exercise to target the internal and external oblique.

These particular muscle groups are a key focus for many female bodybuilders. The reason for this is because once trained properly, these muscles will help to tighten the sides of the abdominal wall which can help give you a more curvaceous look.

It will also increase overall core stability and as a result, this exercise is used frequently by athletes of all sports.

How to: Stand up straight and place a dumbbell in one hand with your palms facing you. Place the opposite hand on your neck to prevent it from participating in the movement. From here, keep your body aligned and bend down to the side that you have the dumbbell, you should only be bending at the waist and feeling your core stretch on the opposite side. Go as far down as you can and then slowly raise back up, once you get to the top of the movement contract your abs even harder on the opposite side that you bent down to really engage the obliques. Alternate sides after set reps and repeat the movement. 

4. Bird Dog

bird dog

It does a great job of neutralizing your spine as well as strengthening your core, hips, and back muscles.

This is one of the simpler of the exercises listed so it’s a great one to start off with.

You can also improvise and make it more challenging by placing a dumbbell in your hands when conducting the movement.

How to: Get on all fours and make sure your arms are parallel to your shoulders as well as your knees with your hips. Keep your torso aligned and straight and slowly extend your right leg out while simultaneously extending out your left arm. Your back and shoulders should remain in the same position throughout the movement. Make sure not to elevate your back or glutes. Once fully extended, lower your arm and leg back down to the original position and then switch sides. 

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